A Tobacco Farmers Daughter

Tobacco Barn on the Hamlett Farm
Mama and Daddy 1959

My mama and daddy always said we could “do anything you set your mind too” and work hard enough. In my mama’s honor and my daddy’s memory I launch my first blog.

You will soon find life stories; DIY ideas and tutorials and whatever suits my fancy. I have been married forever and have a daughter older than me! (Just kidding).My experience includes 30+ years as a dental hygienist; a time in the corporate world; have written and published two books; worked in a sewing factory; a hospital and spend lots of time on the farm being my authentic self.

My mama taught me how to sew and I love to craft. I especially love to make something old- new again. Take this journey with me!

The Little Hamlett Girls

Author: Linda Hamlett Childress

Growing up on a tobacco farm in the 70's gave me a strong work ethic that I sometimes resent! My list of things I've learned and done is long (farming; dentistry; makeup; crafting; sewing; gardening; writing; painting) and it's time to share with you. Join me on my blogging adventures!!

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