The Adventures of Blue Daisy- Blue Daisy Arrives!

The Adventures of Blue Daisy
Blue Daisy Arrives
By Linda Childress and Hailey Moore

Once upon a time there was the Mermoore family that lived in the sea. They lived in a quiet little town called Merville. In Merville there were so many happy families. There was the Starfish family; the Dolphin family; the sea turtle family and even a Shark family!

Everyone in Merville got along very well and were very happy. The Mermoore’s loved their town and especially adored watching all the children playing in the water. They loved watching them swim and have fun, but at times the Mermoore’s were sad. They wanted a little boy or girl of their own. Every night they prayed that they would find their own little one inside the baby shell. The baby shell is where the Baby Fairy always left a special little one for a family- when the time was right.

Every morning the Mermoore’s checked their baby shell and every morning they were sad. “Why can’t we have a baby?” “Why does Baby Fairy keep missing us?” cried Mrs. Mermoore. Mr. Mermoore said, “Baby Fairy is waiting until the perfect little one comes. She is waiting for the most special baby just for us.” So the Mermoore’s just kept hoping and waiting. They were patient and trusted Baby Fairy.

One day there was a very bad storm in Merville. The ocean was swirling and the waves overhead were twenty feet high. It was hard to swim and you could hardly see! Mr. Mermoore said, “We had better get inside and stay safe from the storm!” They swam inside their cave home and pushed a big shell in front of the door to keep it from flying open! The churning water made it so hard! They pushed as hard as they could and finally got the shell in place. “Wait!” Mrs. Mermoore cried, “I forgot to bring in our baby shell!” “It will get washed away and we will never get our baby from Baby Fairy!” “No! You can’t open the door” cried Mr. Mermoore. “It’s too late”. They both hung their heads and were so sad.

Finally the storm passed and the sea calmed. Mr. and Mrs. Mermoore could once again hear all the children laughing and swimming around outside. Sadly, Mrs. Mermoore opened the door knowing their baby shell would be gone- washed away by the storm. She was so unhappy.
Mrs. Mermoore peeked outside the door and sure enough their baby shell was gone. Sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Mermoore sighed and began to clean up after the storm. They moved rocks and shells, and even an old ship anchor that had been washed away. The anchor was so heavy! They tugged and pulled but it would not move- it was STUCK on something.

Finally, the anchor gave way. “Oh, my!!” cried Mrs. Mermoore. “What is the matter?” asked Mr. Mermoore as he swam to her. “Look!!”
Buried in the sand was their BABY SHELL! After the waves washed it away the anchor must have caught it and held it down!

The Mermoore’s bent over to pick up their baby shell but something was different. The baby shell was sealed with a golden ribbon. “What’s this?” asked Mrs. Mermoore. “I don’t know” said Mr. Mermoore, “Open it!” They gently untied the golden ribbon and the baby shell floated open. A bright ray of light almost blinded them and when they finally could see they wept with joyfulness. Inside their baby shell, wrapped in soft sea foam that looked like a cloud surrounded by a bed of blue daisies, was their very own baby. They could not believe their eyes, their hearts bursting with love. The Mermoore’s gently lifted their baby up. “Is it a boy or girl?” asked Mr. Mermoore. “It’s a girl!!” Mrs. Mermoore cried with delight. “We have our very own Mermaid”!! “Isn’t she the most perfect baby?”
“We must give her the most perfect name. What shall we call her?”
Mr. Mermoore said, “Let’s call her Blue Daisy” just like the sea of blue daisies she was delivered in.
“Blue Daisy” they said aloud. Blue Daisy it is- and thus the adventures began.

Next: Blue Daisy discoveries the sea.

Author: Linda Hamlett Childress

Growing up on a tobacco farm in the 70's gave me a strong work ethic that I sometimes resent! My list of things I've learned and done is long (farming; dentistry; makeup; crafting; sewing; gardening; writing; painting) and it's time to share with you. Join me on my blogging adventures!!

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  1. Oh, my! Here you go again! What a precious little story. I can’t wait to read more AND I am not used to reading “Children’s Books”! Good luck with this goal you have set for yourself, Linda. What a memory you will leave for Hailey Tai!

  2. I read the story to Hailey last night…..with big eyes, she said….Mama, this is just like us… it again!

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