Blue Daisy Meets the Neighbors!

Welcome to Merville Blue Daisy!

The Mermores were so happy to have their little Blue Daisy. Soon the whole town of Merville had heard the happy news and they all wanted to visit. So they did! One by one they came to the Mermore’s to meet Blue Daisy and hear the story of her arrival in the baby shell.

The first to visit was Mrs. Dolphy and her son, Fin.

Let’s go see your new friend!

“Look Fin, Blue Daisy is close to your age and soon you will be able to play together!” “Eweeee, no!” said Fin in disgust. “I don’t like girls.” “You will one day”, Fin’s mommy said with a smile. Fin looked at Blue Daisy sleeping and said, “she’s okay”.

I don’t like girls!

Next the Starfish family came to visit. They brought Blue Daisy fresh sea foam for her new bed. They couldn’t wait to take a peak at the new member of the town!

We are here to see Blue Daisy!
She’s so sweet.

Even Mr. Octopus came to visit. He brought a gift in each hand so there were lots of them!

Happy Birthday and Welcome Blue Daisy!

Blue Daisy had so many happy visitors. The Turtle family and the Shark family. Everyone was laughing and talking. There was so much happiness.

“She can play with us!”

It was a very exciting day. Blue Daisy and mama and daddy Mermore felt so happy and so much love but then everything suddenly got very quiet. Mama and daddy Mermore looked over and Blue Daisy was fast asleep.

In a whispering voice Daddy Mermore said “Let’s let her sleep- she’ll be swimming everywhere soon enough!” Mama Mermore gave her Blue Daisy a gentle kiss and whispered a goodnight wish and an old Irish Mermaid blessing:

“May you always have shelter from the storms,
A roof for the rain, tea beside a waterfall,
Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire…..”

Goodnight Blue Daisy

Next: Blue Daisy finds her sea legs!

Author: Linda Hamlett Childress

Growing up on a tobacco farm in the 70’s gave me a strong work ethic that I sometimes resent! My list of things I’ve learned and done is long (farming; dentistry; makeup; crafting; sewing; gardening; writing; painting) and it’s time to share with you. Join me on my blogging adventures!!

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  1. Precious little story and knowing the precious little one who worked with you and inspired you to write it, makes it very enjoyable for me…..a “young at heart” reader!

  2. A beautiful story. Love the picture illustrations. Just enough to hold the attention and inspire interest. My ‘kid at heart’ enjoyed it. Way to go!

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