Reviving my Grapevine Tobacco Wreath

Today I found myself spring cleaning a little (yes, I know it’s late summer). Where does all the dust come from? I think the tiny dust monsters come out at night and put it right back! I hate dust. In fact- when asked what I want for Christmas I always say, “If I can’t eat it, wear it, or sit on it- I don’t want it!” (family heirlooms excluded). Anyway, I took down my tobacco grapevine wreath and, whew (cough, sneeze) the dust! Must have been at least a year since it was dusted last (okay it has NEVER been dusted- it’s fragile!). Question to self was, “How do I clean this fragile wreath? Should I just take it to Goodwill”? NO!! I love this thing.

Mama, Cathy and I each bought one at the Campbell County Heritage festival one year. Mama has hers hanging on the back porch, slowly making its way to the Goodwill pile. Not sure where Cathy’s is- maybe Cathy gave me hers?? Kept her from taking it to the Goodwill! Regardless- I treasure it and want to SAVE it, but how? Here’s what I did:

#1- Remove from wall and take to a well ventilated area. The dust particles can kill! I then took a soft, slightly damp paintbrush and gently began brushing into all the nooks and crannies. (did I see a spider?)

Slightly wetted soft paintbrush.

#2- My Vidal Sassoon hair dryer was used to blow away any additional loose dust. (Cough, sneeze- note to self: use low setting on cool).

Who said Vidal Sassoon was just for hair?

#3- Well, its dust free but still looks faded and worn. Goodwill it? Nooooo! I took my can of Valspar Project Perfect Top Coat in gloss from Lowes and sprayed the grapevine and the dried tobacco leaves. Voila! Ta-da! Like new!! I let it dry a little and then put it back in its place of honor (to be cleaned again in another five years). We avoided the Goodwill pile!

Ta-da! Good as new and saved from the Goodwill box.