More Than Picking Grapes- Canning with Mama part 2

Day 2-
Step #1-
Listen to your mama! Gather all your supplies first! Jars, Sure jell, lids, sugar, butter, pans. Put the jars in the dishwasher and rinse.

Gather all your ingredients and supplies.

“Don’t short cut, Linda” mama says. Measure correctly!

Mama preparing the jars.

Step 2- Continue to listen to your mama! We disagreed on what constituted a “rolling boil”. Explains why I had so many epic fails with my past canning! We followed the directions on the sure-gell package but reduced the amount of sugar by one cup. Myra, from Pinehaven Vineyard advised that wine grapes had more natural sugar than regular grapes. So, measure out the juice and add one box of sure gell (yellow box) and a tablespoon of butter. The butter, mama said “keeps the foam down”. Bring to a “rolling boil”! Lawd have mercy- a “rolling boil” is more than just a “simmer”!

Add your butter!


Butter added.

Rolling Boil!

Step 3- Add the sugar and bring to a “rolling boil” again- and time it! ONE minute!

Bringing it to a “rolling boil”.

Add sugar and bring to a “rolling boil” again for ONE minute.

Step 4- After one minute remove from heat and start filling your jars! Your jar lids should be in hot water by now to help with sealing. After filling your jars be sure and wipe off the excess jelly from jar tops. Mama says this is important to insure the jars seal. Place jars in a water bath and bring to a “rolling boil”- lawd, a “rolling boil” for about 15 minutes. This will help seal the jars. You will start hearing the jars popping as soon as you take them from the hot water.
Filling jars

Hot water bath- 15 minutes


All done! Let cool. As it cools it will begin to set up. Try not to disturb until the next day.


Mama and I ended up canning dozens of jars of Traminette jelly and giving many away already! This time spent with mama was useful and priceless. What a great day!