Don’t miss the eclipse! I’m making my own viewer.

Thanks to the Charlotte county library for posting this link. I couldn’t find any glasses but needed to find a way to view the eclipse! In 1979 I was terrified of blindness and basically missed the eclipse.

Not this time! So – grab your kids and have a science and craft lesson all at one time! Follow the link below:

Making my own viewing station!

Pretty Potty- A story and a tutorial

It seemed fitting that my first tutorial be about a toilet. You see- until age 13 I was privileged. I didn’t have to clean toilets- they were self-cleaning.

Self-cleaning toilet

At night we did have indoor plumbing, but I still didn’t have to clean it! We had to take turns dumping it in the mornings- ugh!!

Is it my turn to dump it!

At age 13 daddy finally took the leap and built us a bathroom!! Daddy said up until this point an indoor bathroom “was unnecessary!” Anyway, we could finally do our business inside! Daddy was still funny about us flushing too often, “Ya’ll go run the damn well dry!” We also couldn’t put more than an inch of water in the tub! To this day I feel guilty when I fill a tub or stay in the shower too long (unless I’m in a hotel- then its a pass). So, today I have two bathrooms (thank God). For years now I have looked at that UGLY toilet brush- nasty. Today I decided to make my toilet brush pretty. Now for the DIY- toilet brush beautification project.

Start with a new toilet brush- one that’s in a closed container (so boring, but cheap).

I went to Big Lots and found this Mr. Clean Toilet Brush Set for about $3.00. Taking left over blue and yellow spray paint I painted the top and bottom. You can paint it any color you like!

After the spray paint dried I hand painted “pretty potty” on the side using Liquidex Basics acrylic paint from Michael’s in primary blue. You could use any acrylic paint you have laying around. When it was dry I sprayed a finish coat using Valspar Project Perfect Top Coat in Gloss. This can be found in Lowe’s or Home Depot. I had all the materials from other projects and only had to buy the toilet brush!

The final result was so cute and much better than that old, plain white. I may paint something more artsy next time. Fun, easy project or a “pretty potty”.